Our advisors bring the best to help each of our startup entrepreneurs grow.

They openly share there wisdom, connections, and opportunities.

ERIC MILLIKEN Founder of Sutter Law, which represents companies from accelerators such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Matter, Boost and Stain Tech Center. Milliken has guided clients through incorporation, angel funding, intellectual property transfers, series A funding, mergers and acquisitions. Milliken also served as the Executive Vice President of SolTech Solar and as a compliance officer at Centurion Alliance. ERIC TRABOLD Currently the CEO NexKey. Eric has also served as VP of sales at Avira, Nero AG, and Avegant. Eric is a Stanford graduate. GEORGE PARRISH George is a highly sought after startup guru and one of the main pillars of the Entrepreneur Lab. As a current board member on eight different startups in the Bay Area, George is known for his ability to examine a business market as well as identify successful business opportunities for startups first. Through his experience, he has built and sold several companies, and with his knowledge of startups across the tech industry, SMB, B2C, and B2B he has changed the face of businesses and created successful futures for each of his clients. JULIETTE DONOHUE A business accelerator and rapid growth expert. Since the 90’s, she has worked on 4 IPO’s and 22 M & A’s including the Google IPO and the HP / Compaq merger. Trilingual she has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the Middle East opening companies in 29 different countries, advising ~200 businesses and training > 300 business coaches. Today, Juliette is a speaker, expert in residence and heads up a suite of companies that focus on changing the way business is done. BizFuels accelerates conscious businesses and advises socially responsible boards. FuelsBiz grows lightworkers practices and expands game-changing nonprofits OurInflectionPoint guides awakened denizens as they move through the shift in consciousness on the planet. JAKE KUCZERUK A native of the Detroit and Indianapolis areas, Jake moved to the Bay Area after graduating Indiana University with degrees in Business and Public Policy. Jake started 2018 as Interim Director of Growth for WeTrust, an early fintech company in the blockchain space. At Entrepreneur Lab Stockton, he's guest lectured for Masters-level University courses around growth marketing techniques and branding. BARNEY KRAMER Leading startups, turnarounds and businesses for over 40 years. At Entrepreneur Lab I have been dedicated to the development and refinement of Leaders at all levels. CATHERINE YUSHINA Currently the COO and founder of StartWise, a revenue sharing investment platform founded in 2015. Catherine is also a partner at UnBank Ventures in San Francisco. EMNA GHARIANI Currently the chapter lead director of the Founder Institute in Tunisia, the largest startup launch program in the world. She works every day with founders to help them with their pitch, go to market strategy and lean management. Emna serves on the boards of numerous other Bay Area startups as well. BOB KROON Bob has a particular interest in growing businesses, especially through mergers and acquisitions. Bob helps with Strategic Planning, Product Development, Operations Management Published Author "FINDING REVENUE" NICHOLAS A. VALENZUELA Received a Ph.D from Stanford University. He is a passionate career coach that wants to return the favor that was once given to him by his mentors throughout his education and career. He wishes to do the same by helping students identify their career goal and education. JORDAN WAHBEH As an experienced and proven leader, advisor, and mentor. He will assist or lead in business operations, business development, org transformation, customer management, PMO, and team growth. He helps startups build, grow, fund raise, scale, focus, achieve through operations, discipline, fund raising, business development, leverage, and team leadership - for USA, MENA, Dubai, European eco-systems. JEROME WARE Jerome Ware, certified scrum master, pitch presentation specialist and VC Advisor at Jerome Ware consulting. Works with VC's, external c-level stakeholders and internal stakeholders across a broad variety of categories & functions(product, engineering, and sales) to understand the technology behind the big idea. TINA GREENBAUM Tina Greenbaum is a licensed clinical social worker, an optimal performance specialist, and a #1 best selling author. Throughout her extensive career of 30 years, she has been a pioneer combining psychotherapy with body-awareness, positive energy psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality. ANGELA DUNZ Angela has 5+ years as a LinkedIn consultant, strategist, and social media manager. As a former marketing director at a software startup, MBA grad and entrepreneur herself, she has a very creative and dynamic approach to using LinkedIn. TYE REMPFER Formerly a consultant and technology consulting director, Tye is now a full-time entrepreneur, strategist, cloud evangelist, traveller, and dogfather. Tye has spent over two decades at the intersection of technology and the human experience, where he has built teams, divisions, and businesses from the ground-up, and delivered enterprise consulting program engagements worldwide. He has a MBA, a Master’s of Organizational Psychology, and various additional credentials that speak to his expertise in integrating the spectrum of technology, business, and human processes required to achieve organizational success. Currently, Tye is leading two businesses that are improving and challenging their industries, CrowdHouse and White Label Group. MELLISSA REMPFER Mellissa Rempfer works to unite the Passion, Mission, Profession, and Vocation of the heart-centered entrepreneur. Before the age of 21, she chaired a student center capital campaign resulting in a $9.8M new student center for her college. She brings the same desires, passion, and skillsets to the clients. Her company, Giving Excellence, is a coaching, training, and group facilitation services company dedicated to bringing connection, compassion, and awakening truth to the heart and soul of business. And she does all of this while travelling North America with her three-dog family, giving talks, and finding inspiration from people, places, and experiences that touch her heart. You can find more about Mellissa at www.GivingExcellence.com. EIC DREW Currently the founder and Managing Partner at IZE Innovation Group and the Director of Business Development at DataNovo. Dew specializes in connecting startups with firms that can utilize their services. GRACE LEUNG SHING Currently the CEO of Startwise, and has worked as an investment professional for several investment funds. ELISABETH MARAGOULA Elisabeth is communications/business development consultant and Certified NLP Practitioner working with global companies, organizations and startups to expand their reach to new markets and expand their influence among stakeholders. Elisabeth founded and still operates companies such as Euronique+Communications and BPI Global Talk. TONY WILKINS A Publisher of Small Business Forum Magazine and Foodie Quarterly and Podium Magazine, as well as the host of the popular radio program Small Business Forum which has an audience of over 200,000.

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