In order to apply for admission to the Entrepreneur Lab Incubator program, please read the following information regarding the requirements and criteria used to select Incubator clients. If you feel that you meet the requirements and would like to apply to the program, below is a list of steps to be completed. Please contact us at 209-323-4389 with any questions or if wish to schedule an appointment to meet with the Entrepreneur Lab team and/or tour the facility.



  • The Business must be in full-time operation once it moves into the Incubator.
  • Prior to Occupancy, applicants and businesses must comply, or agree to comply, with all applicable local, state and federal regulations and ordinances, including applicable environmental laws. 
  • Business must be headquartered in Stockton, California at Huddle Cowork (110 N San Joaquin Street, Stockton CA 95202) for a minimum of one year beginning at program commencement. 


Go through the program in exchange for 2% Equity play in your company and a non-refundable $99 application fee. That's It. Nothing More. Nothing Less.


  • Be a for-profit business in a high-growth field. 
  • Be in the early stages of business development 
  • Market Validation – must demonstrate a solution to strong market demand
  • Have a product or service that can be commercialized within two years
  • The company President/CEO must be located in the Incubator
  • Have a management team in place that can demonstrate an ability to handle both the technical and managerial aspects of the business and is willing to seek and accept assistance from the program and its network of service providers
  • Agree to participate in the Incubator’s business assistance programs and to cooperate in achieving the Incubator program’s mission
  • Be a business well-suited to benefit from the program’s services, environment, technical and business expertise
  • Have potential for positive economic impact on the community through:
  • A Technology, product or service deemed to have a high potential impact in the marketplace and/or community 
  • Potential for rapid company growth and the associated creation of new high paying jobs
  • Positive impact on the tax base of local and state government 


  • Complete the program application and submit in PDF format to the Entrepreneur Lab selection committee email to George Parrish  or apply online below. 
  • The Entrepreneur Lab Selection Committee will review your application and you will be notified if your business is eligible for consideration. An appointment will be scheduled for a site visit and to discuss your application. In the event that you are unable to visit the site, a video conference will be scheduled. 
  • You will meet with the Selection Committee at which time they may request additional information to establish or verify that the minimum qualifications are satisfied. You will be notified of their decision within five days of the meeting.

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